Life is a journey with many twists and turns and the album you’re holding in your hand is a result of one of them. Charlotte and I had been working with our rootsreggaeband Urban Tribe Stockholm for a decade, releasing 4 albums. In UTS I am the leadsinger and Charlotte heads up the backing vocal-section and I always thought it was a bit of a waste of her talent. So the idea for Atterby took shape with two goals; to put the spotlight on Charlotte and also to explore a different type of roots-music. The step from backing vocals to lead vocals is a bigger leap than most people would imagine and some mild persuasion had to take place (plus, at times, a whisky or two…) to get her to let go in the studio and find her own unique timber of voice.


Still remember when it happened, it was when we recorded ”Falling at your feet” - all of a sudden it just clicked. Extraordinary! Another extraordinary thing is I finally had to learn how to sing in harmony (remember I’d always been singing lead which is a different kettle of fish altogether). And I just love it! In the end I ended up singing lead on a few tracks that Charlotte thought would fit my voice better though.


Anyway - big thanks to Lars Frick, Sara Edin, Mats Nilsson, Frank Rönningen, Micke Hujanen and Rikard Brandén for their brilliant playing on the album. Enjoy!


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